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But don’t do this mistake…

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For those who are concerned about managing people, scaling organizations, teams, managing innovation or even yourself, there are many useful books that might be inspiring.

Yes, I said inspiring. Because books have been written to be read. Not to be applied without any intermediate reflexion. Please, if you read these kind of books about theory of management, or from authors expressing their sincere point of view, don’t unplug your brain:

I’ll publish in the next few days/weeks some personal reviews on books and resources that deeply changed my way of thinking, and made me stop consuming facts only as they are. Some of them will be directly linked to management areas, obviously, but others come from more various domains such as philosophy, maths, sociology, or biographies.

As a scientist I’m fascinated to see how you can see trends and experiments in the management world — that’s also my main motivation for this blog — and this is eventually becoming closer and closer to the set of what we call “hard sciences”.

Electronic Music artist as Paranormind. Photography. Computer Science. Machine Learning & Data-related things.

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