Brilliant. We can read many articles about motivations, but I’ve barely found some interesting points. I mostly agree with your point of view, especially this:

And, while it’s unpopular to say, it’s mostly the result of selfishness.

So many people are expecting their management to motivate them on a daily basis. But it’s critical to determine whether you’re still motivated by the project itself, the values, the short/mid/long-term objectives and your own personal development plan. If you’re only motivated by your management arguments, then it’s probably a good moment to consider a move.

At the opposite, after some personal journey–let’s call this introspection–I think it’s also important to not feel unmotivated too quickly. I think about people complaining about their job after the first decision they don’t agree with, or right after their evaluation, or uninteresting day/week. You can’t expect to always feel as motivated as in your first weeks.



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