10 photos challenge: Rules & purpose

Some of you asked me about the “rules” of this “10 photos challenge” I just started. Well, there was no rules. Until you asked! Then I decided to formalize rules I applied to myself, to share them with you.

  1. This has to be “10 photos”. Not 9 or 11. Just 10. But if you want to use diptych, triptych, or double-exposed pictures, that’s fine, obviously.
  2. Unique theme-centric serie. You must chose a unique theme for your serie. This can be an event, a more general theme (black & white, architecture…) but note that you cannot use the same theme twice. So, before posting your top 10 b&w pictures, think twice. The best is still to come!
  3. Same body and lens duo. I didn’t think about this rule first, but this is a strong part of my approach of photography, so I decided to add this rule to the set.

There is no other rules. You’re free to choose any platform to share your photos, you’re free to choose the size, the softwares usages, etc.

With these challenges, I want to encourage my self to take photos, but also to rigorously think about editing steps. Keep the best, forget the rest. This way, I have to adopt many different point of views (I don’t want to post 10 similar pictures) to build a consistent serie (I have to find my own approach, own theme).

Electronic Music artist as Paranormind. Photography. Computer Science. Machine Learning & Data-related things.

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